Sunday, March 23, 2008


Pay per ad is a new method adopted by google that pays only if the ad’s yield customers (i.e) the pay per click concept is scrapped to prevent the people from clicking their own ads and It has intelligent algorithms to detect unique IP address, besides authenticating clicks it has an automated tool specifically for designing campaigns and creating ad’s and providing better search results

The best part is this is applicable to only U.S only:)I know what you must be thinking and i agree with you.

i advice All non-residents of U.S must make the most of adsense as soon as possible before google adopts this policy globally.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Actor Raghuvaran the lovely villain passed today morning away in a private hospital at chetput. He was 49 years old and had been under the intense care unit for few weeks. He died of cardiac arrest leaving behind his ex-wife and a child.

Some of his remarkable movies include the most famous “Basha”, “sivaji” etc. His body was cremated today evening. it’s a great loss to Tamil cinema. May god strengthen his family to bear his loss.


It’s a online service which targets women who want to experiment different hair styles, apply all available makeup which is available in the market.All one needs to do is just upload your photo and apply outlines of your eyes and other facial features and start applying the standard hair styles/makeup.

The unique algorithm used in this service enables one to see the exact picture of how he/she will look like, I tried this service even though I am a boy and I really enjoyed it.It’s a must for all those people out there who are fashion freaks and it would be really useful to people who really know what they are doing.


  • its really simple to use
  • has got an inbuilt tutorial to guide everyone

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


The lack of components for mid range cell phones has left a dent in the European market. Analysts had predicted sales of 22.6 million units but the slowdown had resulted a slump of 17% (that is only 22 million units were sold) this is expected to affect the total revenues of this quarter

It is rumored that Sony Ericsson is going to reduce the price of its mid-range handsets to boost its sales.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Gamers like to die in games?

I never liked the idea of dying in the game, who would want to make all their way risking their health to the meet the boss and die at the end? I would really get upset when it happens and I bet all games would have faced such situations and many would agree with me too but a study conducted by researchers reveal that gamers like to DIE! I would say they are complete psychos

The study made a note of psychological emotions of the 36 young adults while they played James Bond 007: NightFire, Super monkey ball 2 and the results were compared and the results were astonishing even for the scientists. They found out that the all the 36 subjects showed a negative response when they killed an enemy while showed positive response when they died.

I bet all 36 were lunatics and so were the researchers who released the data.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


13 Officials of UCLA Medical Center are going to be fired fire for the reason of peeking in to the medical files of Britney Spears unofficially. Britney was hospitalized on jan 31st last year. ULCA felt that the 13 people had violated the code of conduct and felt necessary to fire all of them to prevent such misbehavior again.

I feel its too harsh to fire them for such a silly offense. I do agree that the patient details must be kept confidential but i feel those people could have been fined instead of being removed. Hope my fellow bloggers would agree with me.

Friday, March 14, 2008


It all started when Kevin Federline left a 2000$ tip when the total bill was only 365$ and the whole issue was blown out of proportion, Stacy Phillips (Britney Spears attorney) has demanded Kevin Federline to pay a portion of his legal fees if he could be so generous enough to spend money for no reason, added that kevin was doing all he could do to gain force more money out of britney. It is to be noted that Britney is responsible for paying his legal fees.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Due to security concerns, Australia have confirmed that they will not be touring Pakistan and it is unlikely to be played this year. "We are very sorry that the tour could not take place at this time," said Creagh O'Connor, Cricket Australia's Chairman. Nasim Ashraf, the Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board and O'Connor will meet in Dubai next week to decide upon the Match schedules of the Postponed Tour. "We are obviously very disappointed at this decision. I guess there is not much we could do and we sincerely hope that the tour of Australia to Pakistan can materialise at the earliest opportunity." said Ashraf.

The tour is expected to be Postponed to the year 2009 or 2010. Australia's decision not to tour Pakistan came after the news of a Severe Bomb Explosion in Lahore(Pakistan) that killed 15 People and injured many others.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Certain good memories stays afresh with us forever and the Final Year College tour to Ooty is one amongst them. Ooty, the queen of South Indian Hill stations is a place often visited by us with our family in the Sumer Holidays. Its a just another Tourist Station to many of us. But what makes the College tour to Ooty with friends 'So Special'? Well, too many answers in store for that question.

The eventful journey started on March 1 2008 at 9.15pm(IST), when the 64 members in our class were on a cool voyage to Ooty from a hot Chennai. In our train, NILAGIRI Express, a Rail Boggie was exclusively reserved for us and when it started from Chennai, it seemed just for our Service the Train was operated on that day. As the train Chugged off from the station, the night belonged to us. It seemed a Night Party to us and our train reached Mettupalayam the next day at 6.45Am.

We immediately switched over to a comparitively smaller train popularly known as 'Ooty Toy Train' at Mettupalayam. Toy Train ride is a 5.30Hours Journey from Ooty. The Bus ride takes just an Hour and a half to reach Ooty. Mind You, Trip to Ooty without Toy Train is equivalent to 'House without Roof'. The Toy train ride is one of the Ecstatic moments you experience. The 'Smoking Monster' made its way through the Dense forests, Deep Ridges and Fog-Capped Mountains to reach Conoor. From Conoor to Ooty, the Train Journey was through a Lush Green TEA-PLANTATION Estates and Flower Gardens. Train Journey to Ooty from Mettupalayam Feast our Eyes with Natural Resources.

We Reached Ooty by noon and shifted to a Cottage at the Outskirts of the town. Everyone of us experienced a change in climatic conditions from a Hot and Dry Mettupalayam to Teeth-Biting chillness in Ooty. We relaxed ourselves for a while before commencing our Sight-seeing.

( .....To be Continued.....)


After a bit of relaxation and refreshments, we headed to Ooty Botanical Gardens where we almost spent some solid 2 hours and we could witness varieties of Fauna reserve. We were awestuck when informed that there were more than 2,500 plants species maintained in that place. It was around 4.30 in the evening when we reached the Boating Lake. Like a professional Sailor, many of us Hired a 4 Seater Pedal Boat and started our Boating voyage. But once we started pedalling, the actual difficulty in it was felt by us.

We took a Mini Train to go around the Lake Garden. By then, it was Dusk and we returned to our Cottage. The Camp-Fire at Night was one of the memorable experiences in our Tour.

At the Early Morning next day, we were waken up by the greetings of Humming Birds, Bulbuls and Mynas in the Big Garden that surrounded our Cottage. A Couple of Unfriendly Monkeys threatened to enter into our Rooms. After Breakfast, we were all set to visit MUDUMALAI WILD-LIFE SANCTUARY. With high expectations of Spotting Huge Elephants and Wild Bisons, we entered into the sanctuary. But to our Disappointment, we just managed to spot some Deers and Weasels. Then we headed to a small town called Coonoor, a small town near Ooty and had our Lunch.

The Botanical Garden at Coonoor was much more Fascinating than the one we saw in Ooty. We spent around 3 Hours at the Coonoor Botanical Garden. Dolphin's Nose, Sims park were the other places being visited by us and we headed to Ooty again to retire for the Night. This time there were no Camp-Fire as we ran out of Energy and we were adviced to take some very good rest by our Tour-Guide as we would be experiencing an Adventurous Trip to Dodabetta, Avalanche Lake and Pykara Falls.

(.....To be continued.....)


The next day, we started very early to Dodabetta, the second Highest peak in South India. On our way we very fortunate enough to spot the Beautiful bunch of once in 12Years flowering Kurinjipooh (Strobilanthes). The Views from Dodabetta are Magnificient but we were told by the local tribes that it would be even better from Korakundah. The telescopic look from Dodabetta gave in a close look of the Ooty town and its surroundings. We then headed for the most adventurous Part of our tour- journey to Avalanche Lake and Upper Bhavani.

Our enterprising Travel Guide had arranged the permissions from the Government of TamilNadu for us to visit Avalanche Lake. Our journey to Avalanche Lake was through a Densely Forested Mountain and the Road leading to the Lake was Horrendous. But as its a Forest Road, we found it acceptable. Mudumalai's Disappointment was shrugged off when we spotted a Group of Wild Elephants crossing the Road. We were fortunate enough to see some Wild Bisons, Nilgiri Tahr, Wolf, some 50 Deers and many other species unidentifiable by us.

After reaching Emerald, we walked down to the Lake -pure, clean and calm surrounded by Pine Forests and Orchids. The lake is a Bowl Shape structure and it is not advisable to enter into the waters as its a breeding ground for Some Deadly Crocodiles. After a shortwhile, we Proceeded to Upper Bhavani passing through dense Evergreen Forests, Eucalyptus plantations and Deep Valleys. Upper Bhavani is a beautiful reservoir located at a very high altitude. We were very much surprised to see that its located very near to the Silent Valley in Kerala. We reached back to Ooty at 4.00Pm. Indeed, it was a Marvellous tour. In the evening, we went for Shopping to Purchase the Traditional 'HomeMade Chocolates', Nilagiri Tea and other stuffs.

Note:- If you plan a trip to Avalanche Lake and Upper Bhavani, make sure that You take your Lunch, Water, Medicines and other necessities with you as its difficult to find a even a Tea shop on the way.


The next morning we visited the famous Pykara Falls situated in Ooty. After visiting places like Upper Bhavani and Avalanche Lake, we were less attracted towards Pykara Falls and its surroundings. Even in the Off-season, this place was full of Litters and other unwanted stuffs. Just couldn't imagine how the place would Look in Summer. We cut short our time of stay in Pykara and went back to Cottage where we packed our Luggage to beging our Journey to Chennai. After a Hearty Lunch, we left Ooty at10.30Am. This time we took a Bus service from Ooty to Coimbatore. On the Midway of our journey to Coimbatore, we alighted at Black Thunder, a Water Theme Park to spend some time as our Train to Chennai was Scheduled to leave Coimbatore only at 10.15Pm.

For the Metro-Sexual people like us, we found the Theme Park to be yet another Amusement ground although the Water Sports & Entertainment was much better than the Theme-Parks located in Chennai. The Artificial Sea-Waves attracted many people but it failed to bring in the Charm of Real Sea-Waves effect.

We reached Coimbatore at 6.00Pm. For the Sake of Whiling away time, we went for Shopping but it turned out to be a Window Shopping for many of us as our pockets started to Bite us at that point of time. We reached Coimbatore Railway station around 8.00Pm and after dinner we boarded the Chennai bound Cheran Express.

The Metal Monster started only at 11.00pm, 45 minutes behind the scheduled time. We Reached Chennai Central by 07.00Am. Now we were all Enfeebled by the Long journey. With Happy Memories, we all dispersed back Home.

( The Tour Memories engulfed me completely for the next 3 days. I kept on seeing the Photo Albums and Videos of the Tour. I enjoyed the tour a lot and at the same time was a bit disappointed that I could not experience a Beautiful trip with all my College-Mates again. All good and Bad things must Come to an end so as my College Life. Many of us may get separated due to the kind of work and Duties assigned to each of us. But the Friendship Bond between us can never be broken. I Hope and I am Confident that i would be in contact with everyone of you forever and even in 2028, i will SMS U guys 'Machi, Blog updated about my Business Tour. Pls check and post Your Valuable Comments).

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Microsoft vista is perhaps one of the worst ever operating system released ever that fails to provide stability and functionality simultaneously, so in a desperate attempt to woo the customers Microsoft has slashed the price of vista by 30% (actually the discount varies between 20 to 48 percent)

It is to be noted that this move coincides with the release of vista service pack 1which is expected to clean all the bugs that previously plagued the customers. Microsoft justifies this as a move to please their customers but in my opinion they are trying to cheat us by dumping the same old garbage (Vista) back on us without providing a useful solution.

I sincerely ask someone to teach Microsoft what quality operating system is?

Friday, March 7, 2008


'The Name Is Rajnikanth' is a biography of veteran Tamil Actor 'Superstar' Rajnikanth written by Dr.Gayathri Sreekanth. The Book was released by Cho Ramaswamy, a well known Political analyst. The first copy was received by Rajnikanth's Youngest daughter Soundarya. The Book is priced at Rs.490.

Cho had all praise for the super star. When the inevitable question was thrown to Cho 'will Rajnikanth enter politics?', he replied saying
"Rajni never takes important decisions alone. He listens to the opinions of many before taking a decision. I can only compare him to Narendra Modi. They both strictly follow the principle of Mahabaratha. If Rajni decides to enter politics, he will take Tamil Nadu towards Prosperity. If Rajni comes to power, he will bring in a corruption Free Government."

Thursday, March 6, 2008


The world famous American investor Warren Buffett overtook the Mexican tycoon carlos slim andBill Gates to become the worlds richest man.There is good news for Indians too the next in the list are Lakshmi mittal,Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani respectively and , DLF's K P Singh is at 8Th is to be noted that Anil Ambani has been the worlds highest gainer this year(his assets increased by $23.8 billion since last time) followed by Mukesh ambani (his assets have increased by $22.9 billion)
top ten Billionaires

  • Buffett ($62billion)

  • Carlos Slim Helu ($60 billion)

  • Bill Gates ($58 billion)

  • Lakshmi Mittal ($45 billion),

  • Mukesh Ambani($43 billion)

  • Anil Ambani($42 billion)

  • Sweden's Ingvar Kamprad ($31 billion).

  • DLF's K P Singh ($30 billion)

  • Oleg Deripaska ($28 billion)

  • Karl Albrecht ($27 billion)

all the 4 highlighted are Indians


Dharpa is building an Unmanned UAV capable of being airborne for 5 years! (wow!that’s a lot of time). During those 5 years the aircraft is expected to perform wide range of operations relating to intelligence,surveillance,communication, reconnaissance short its expected to behave like a geostationary satellite which does not obey orbital mechanics.
But there are lot of obstacles that have to be crossed before achieving this goal and that is the aircraft must be able to carry a high payload which should be capable withstanding high velocity winds.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


In the end of its 29- year existence, a part of the Australian summer culture, it all turned out to be a sorrowful Climax for Australia as India Clinched their First Title Win in Australia after a span of 23-years(1985). Sachin T endulkars's sensational innings in both the Finals scripted a sensational Series win for India. This is the 2nd instance where Australia lost the back to back series title.

Australian Tri-Series is an international cricket tournament held since 1979 between Australia and two touring sides. From 1979-80 to 1995-96, it was known as World Series Cup. From 1996-97 to 2000-01, it was known as Carlton and united series and in 2001-02, it was only known as Carlton series. From 2002-03 to 2005-06, it was known as VB series. The 2006-07 and 2007-08 series known as CB series.

Australia have won the series title 18 times and the other teams to win the series title are WestIndies(6 times), England(2 times), Pakistan(1 time), SouthAfrica(1 time) and India(1 time).

Following are the Results of the Australian Tri-series from 1979 to 2008.
YEAR-1979-80. WINNER: WestIndies.
RUNNER-UP: England.

YEAR-1980-81 WINNER: Australia.
RUNNER-UP: NewZealand.

YEAR-1981-82 WINNER: WestIndies
RUNNER-UP: Australia

YEAR-1982-83 WINNER: Australia
RUNNER-UP: NewZealand
(The Finals of this season is very famous for the infamous act of Trevor Chappell whom under the advice of Greg Chappell bowled an UNDER-ARM delivery to stop NewZealand to Tie the match against Australia. Image of the Under-Arm bowling can be seen at the Top-Right portion of the post)

YEAR-1983-84 WINNER: WestIndies
RUNNER-UP: Australia

YEAR-1984-85 WINNER: WestIndies
RUNNER-UP: Australia.

YEAR-1985-86 WINNER: Australia

YEAR-1986-87 WINNER: England
RUNNER-UP: Australia.

YEAR-1987-88 WINNER: Australia
RUNNER-UP: NewZealand

YEAR-1988-89 WINNER: WestIndies
RUNNER-UP: Australia.

YEAR-1989-90 WINNER: Australia
RUNNER-UP: Pakistan

YEAR-1990-91 WINNER: Australia
RUNNER-UP: NewZealand

YEAR-1991-92 WINNER: Australia

YEAR-1992-93 WINNER: WestIndies
RUNNER-UP: Australia

YEAR-1993-94 WINNER: Australia
RUNNER-UP: SouthAfrica

YEAR-1994-95 WINNER: Australia
RUNNER-UP: Australia'A'.

(In the 1994-95 season, it was held as a Quadrangular series with Australia'A' participating along with the two visiting teams England & Zimbabwe. However official status were not given for the Matches involving Australia'A'. But in a shock Result, Australia'A' under the Captaincy of Damien Martyn(Ponting, Hayden,Lehmann, Kasprowicz,Blewett were some of the members in the team) trounced ENGLAND and stormed into Finals. Australia'A' were drubbed 2-0 in the Finals.)

YEAR-1995-96 WINNER: Australia
RUNNER-UP: SriLanka.

YEAR-1996-97 WINNER: Pakistan.
RUNNER-UP: WestIndies.

YEAR-1997-98 WINNER: Australia.
RUNNER-UP: SouthAfrica.

YEAR-1998-99 WINNER: Australia
RUNNER-UP: England

YEAR-1999-00 WINNER: Australia
RUNNER-UP: Pakistan.

YEAR-2000-01 WINNER: Australia
RUNNER-UP: WestIndies.

YEAR-2001-02 WINNER: SouthAfrica
RUNNER-UP: NewZealand

YEAR-2002-03 WINNER: Australia
RUNNER-UP: England.

YEAR-2003-04 WINNER: Australia

YEAR-2004-05 WINNER: Australia
RUNNER-UP: Pakistan.

YEAR-2005-06 WINNER: Australia
RUNNER-UP: SriLanka.

YEAR-2006-07 WINNER: England
RUNNER-UP: Australia.

YEAR-2007-08 WINNER: India
RUNNER-UP: Australia.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Today, Ishant had bowled pretty well and took an important wicket of Clarke. The injury of middle finger during the first over of his new spell has raised concerns over his fitness but the team spokes person revealed that it was a minor injury and is hopeful of playing the next final.
If Ishant is declared unfit, India would be starved of a quality pacer and give away the forth coming matches to Aussies easily. I hope he gets well soon


After staying silent for so long in the ODI Series finally the little master has silenced his critics at the right time. Tendulkar played a brilliant knock of 117* in just 120 balls (his first century in Sydney), his innings included 10 fours. he suffered a cramp when he was in his 90,s but sachin had made up his mind that a mere cramp would stop him, he when on to score a brilliant 42nd ton, He was accompanied by a sensible innings of Rohit Sharma (66) who put a a good 123 run partnership after India being reduced to 87-3. In short it was a really fascinating to see master at his best. Rohit’s splendid stand was put to an end by James hopes. Dhoni scored 15 of 12 balls which included 3 fours to assure India a driver seat in the 3 match final. India won the match with 6 wickets and 25 balls to spare
Indians have to be really careful in the next game as I bet Aussies would be determined to fight back. One must not forget the contributions made by the Aussie pair (Hayden-Symonds) they are really dangerous and Isshant sharma is also injured

Positives of today’s game
· Sachin is back to form
· Rohit sharma showed his talent
India’s worries
· Isshant sharma was unfortunately injured
· Yuvraj is still struggling to get his form

Saturday, March 1, 2008


· after turning on your PLAY STATION 3, enter the main menu.
· enter the "Settings" menu after scrolling left and now select the "Security Settings" menu
· Now Scroll down and select "Parental Control."
· Enter the PS3 password (note: this password is used change the access controls). By default, the password is "0000."
· Enter the preferred control level.
· now GO Back to the "Security Settings" menu, and again select "Change Password."
· Enter the default password.
· Enter a new 4 digit password.
· confirm the new password by entering again
· Select "Yes" to confirm the password change
Now the kids will be able to play on the games that are within the parental control limits.


Since Majority of games in PS3 and PSP are very violent and gore, parents are feeling uncomfortable when they see their kids play these games.PS3 has solved this problem by introducing new parental control over the games. The control allows the parents to choose the level of content which their kids are exposed to.
There are totally 11 level to choose from and the parents can choose any one which is appropriate.

Spooky Spielberg to Start a Social Networking site

The hollywood lengend Spielberg has planned to launch a social neworking site that allows people to share their personal encounters with paranormal and extra terrestrial Activity.
Note: Spielberg himself is a believer of the paranomal activities which is he main reason for directing movies like War of the worlds,Men in black etc.
First the project was to be completed with the help of Yahoo but the it was delayed for undisclosed reasons and finally scrapped, now Spielberg and his team of experts are woking tirelessly to make this dream in to a reality.
I personally feel that there are already enough social neworking websites and addition of a new one makes no big difference.
It’s just a another brick in the wall