Monday, February 9, 2009


You might have enjoyed a Romantic Valentine's day in 2008. But 2009 is the year of big R! No, do not come into an early conclusion. 'R' stands for Recession and not Romantic. Cost cutting measures have its toll on Valentine's date too. Here are some tips to be followed to enjoy a low cost yet Romantic valentine's day with your special girl.

1. Valentine's date always starts with the 'Gift- giving' tradition. In the better times you might have gifted her the Moon itself but it doesn't take the charm away if you gift her a sweet but little expensive gifts.

2. It's time for few adventures. Be adventurous. Take your girl to a special place filled with serene and blissful atmosphere

3. Have the knack of being atypical. If it clicks well with your girl, this little effort could go a long way in developing a good Romantic Chemistry with your girl.

4. Shake your brains a little bit. Dig out your pool of talents to impress your girl. If you are a good drawer, then come up with your Master-piece. Search for the versatile Poet, Painter within you.

5. Show up the above mentioned in depth talent of yours to your girl and surprise her in public. She may fall for it immediately. At an Instant, invite her for a Lunch or Dinner. Even the roadside Dhaba would seem like a personal Island for her in that mood.

6. Ensure that you surprise comes when it is not a bad day in the office for her. If it is not her good-day and still you come up with your gifts and flowers, be prepared to face the situation where the flowers may be thrown on your face. Note: Incidents like this may lead to loose your girl but the same time can gain few more new admirers and sympathisers on you. Lolz.

7. Never anticipate that your Girl will definitely like your gifts for her. Just give her whatever you can afford. If she is worth your while, she'll definitely understand and love you all the more for it.

8. Do not follow up your girl with the gifts being presented by you. It is not proper to ask your girl "Why don't you wear the Ring/necklace that I gave you on last Valentine's day?, Why not using the cell-phone gifted by me? etc;." It creates a bad and uneasy atmosphere on both of you.

9. 'POSSESSIVENESS '- Delete this word from your dictionary. Possessiveness break relationships. Trust your partner. Never confront or embarass her. She may get embarassed very much by this act of yours.

10. Be frank and open to your partner. Share your joy and sorrows with her. Cheer her up at her time of distress. She values you more than she values herself. So be with her always.

Friday, February 6, 2009


The recently laid-off employees in IBM have been offered a new opportunity of taking up the jobs in the growing markets like India,Russia and Nigeria. The programme has been named as 'Project Match'. This opportunity is available for all the laid-off employees by IBM who are ready to take up the Job in India, Nigeria and Russia. The company is ready to provide Visa assistance and other necessary aid if the employees are ready to take up the Job.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


It all happens only for the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar- the player to get out for the most number of times due to faulty umpriing decision. This is Third in the Row, a faulty decision for Sachin. In the the first match, the decision was given by the umpire Kumar Dharmasena, second was given by Brian Jerling and the final by Graminini Silva. Sachin once again proved that he is one of the finest Gentleman in the World Cricket by not making a fuss of Umpire's decision.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Recession worsens as more people are becoming unemployed. An avarage of 9000 job cuts occured everyday on Januarry-2009. As the financial turmoil continues to rattle the world, more number of Job cuts could be witnessed in the future. The bankruptcy of American electronics retailers is expected to affect 30,000 employees. Companies worldwide are bringing down the number of Workforce inorder to resist the economic debacle.

The only hope to overcome the issue lies on the stimulus package of 819-billion dollar by the American President Barack Obama to bolster the nation's recession-hit economy. The plan has already received a green signal from the House of representatives in US and would voted on by the Senate this week.


This is the for the First time that an Australian open would be witnessing a Federer vs Nadal finals. This match means more than a Final as Federer is on the verge of equalling the 14 Grand slam trophies solely held by Pete Sampras so far. Federer now holds the record of consecutive 10th appearance in a grand slam final since Wimbledon-2005. This is Federer's 39th appearance in a grand slam.

As a great fan of Roger Federer, I wish he equals the World record in the Australian open tonight. All the Best Federer. We are eagerly looking for your record equalling performance.