Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Time for a creative gift

Have you ever imagined how beautiful you can make the life of your loved one? If you have done so, then you are one of the most caring persons in this universe. By presenting a creative gift to your loved ones, it makes sure that you are the most important person to them. There are so many gifts that have been presented over years. But have you ever imagined of gifting a necklace with a message written on it to your loved person? Yes, by doing this you prove your uniqueness and also charm. There are lots of other creative gifts like this which can be presented to your dear ones. Follow new strategy and be unique. Have a great day..

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Expert Industrial painters

It is important for any industries to maintain it's infrastructure well to keep their business going. It also ensures safety to the Industrial unit. There are many industries which hire professional painters to give a fire protection coating to their buildings in order to protect it in the case of emergency. There are lot of expert professional industrial painters and to choose the best amongst them one can refer to the Lipuman site where we can get good information about the professional painters who does the job efficiently.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Keep your Facebook status Funny

Facebook is one of the important social networks which keep people connected with each other. Many shares their opinion, views and other important things in face Book and it will be a real fun if we set some Funny Face Book status as it keeps people happy and joyful. There are lots of idea available online to keep our face book status funny and it's up to us to avail these facilities and cheer our friends in face book. Have a great day.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Strategy for Risk-Based Testing

In the ten years that I have worked in the software industry, I have come to realize that there is a widespread, but essentially wrong, belief amongst most software companies that software quality is a function of testing. The fact that you test an application extensively does not render it more stable, nor does it provide added value to the customer. How many times have you heard, "This software is not stable enough, we should have had more QA."? Unfortunately, testing has nothing to do with stability. You test to ensure that the software functions as it was initially requested by those who dictate the requirements. Therefore, not testing software increases the risk that the software may not comply with the requirements and won't necessarily provide the expected added business value.

This leads us to risk-based testing, which I would describe as Steve Wakeland defines IT risk, as ‘the likelihood that a program fault will result in an impact on the business’. Further, I would specify an impact on the Requirements. Let me explain. 

The risks are classified  with severity ranking, as do most people, and define severity by measuring the impact, a requirement has on the business. The severity ranking is usually high, medium or low. High meaning the customer definitely requires it and cannot move without getting those delivered and  medium meaning the user has to use some alternative workaround to move without this and achieve the aimed goal and low meaning the customer can STILL work with the software without the actual usage of it.(feel free to specify additional levels for a more granular ranking). 

Thus, testing and risk (as defined by Steve Wakeland) are related. How? Is it a straight line as shown in Figure 1? In that case, the only strategy is: Test anything; it’s sure to lower the risk. 

Step 1: Identify the ‘vital’ Requirements that could  help the customer.  A good example would be pulverizing the requirements into set of scenarios and identify the feasibility of executing them based on the rigidness. However the rigidity is, the entire set is to be considered 'vital'. Since the risk increases with the frequency of use, you should look at the most used feature by a user to identify the riskiest ones.  

Step 2: Design and then assign test cases to each functionality listed in Step 1. 

Step 3: Size (in hour or minutes) the QA effort required to run the test cases identified in Step 2. 

Step 4: Sort test cases in ascending order of effort so you have the test case with the minimum effort first. 

Step 5: Start running test cases in the order established in Step 4 until you run out of time.  

Further Reading
Steve Wakeland: Testing as a component of an organizational IT risk management strategy. Cutter IT Journal, August 2002

About the Author
Stephane Besson has explored many aspects of the IT world. As a consultant, he developed AutoCAD-based applications, as well as managed software implementation projects for companies throughout Quebec. As Research and Development director for Karat Software (now Freeborders), he applied XP and Scrum practices to manage J2EE/Oracle projects, before implementing the Rational Unified Process. For the past two years, Stephane has been leading software development at Sigma-RH Solutions using Scrum methodologies for human resources solutions. Stephane Besson can be reached at

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Window Film

Window Films also known as tinted windows in some areas can be used for many purposes ranging from UV rays protection to privacy purposes. They are a bit costly than regular windows but are very efficient in preventing heat and radiations to enter into your car, buildings, etc., Architectural window films are designed especially for commercial and residential purposes. There are lot of firms which involve in the manufacture and design of tinted windows and Window Tint Orlando is one of the best places to get Window tint in Orlando as they provide best quality products and their experience in the industry is very notable. Hence I would suggest the readers of my page to visit the site in order to know more about it.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Solar Panels

Solar panels can be defined as an interconnected solar cells assembly which is usually termed as photovoltaic cells. They are used to generate and supply electricity for small scale commercial and residential applications. This helps in saving lot of power and this can be utilized in an efficient manner. If you are looking after solar panels, then I would like to suggest you RV solar panels which is very efficient and cost effective. There are many people who have been benefited by this. There are many advantages in opting this kind of solar panels since they have one of the simplest domestic set ups and the efficiency is quite high. Hence I would like the readers to visit the site in order to know more about it.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Could it finally be jobs for people of Los Angeles?

Are the unemployment clouds finally parting for the Los Angeles job market? Are rays of paychecks finally starting to shine through? We think so. You may remember from a previous article we outlined the top 5 best Los Angeles job options in the current economy. During the research for the article we came across a company called 323Writing. Intrigued, we wanted more information and here’s what we’ve found.

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